Private Vocal Lesson

Laura Garber
Zoom (location info)
Mon - Fri, TBA
09/14/20 - 01/22/21 (16 weeks)

PRIVATE GUITAR - Private lessons in Guitar with our experienced guitar teacher Ken Elia.

PRIVATE PIANO - Private instruction for Beginner to Intermediate students.

PRIVATE VOICE - Private Voice lessons for students who are just starting out or those who are ready to dig into what it takes to be a professional Vocal Performer.

PRIVATE ACTING COACHING - Maybe you are preparing for an audition, or you want to be able to give a speech in front of a class.  This private lesson is personalized to fit your needs.

Upcoming Meetings
11/23/20    <None> Monday (Thanksgiving Week Closure) 11/23/20
(Thanksgiving Week Closure)
11/24/20    <None> Tuesday (Thanksgiving Week Closure) 11/24/20
(Thanksgiving Week Closure)
11/25/20    <None> Wednesday (Thanksgiving Week Closure) 11/25/20
(Thanksgiving Week Closure)
11/26/20    <None> Thursday (Thanksgiving Week Closure) 11/26/20
(Thanksgiving Week Closure)
11/27/20    <None> Friday (Thanksgiving Week Closure) 11/27/20
(Thanksgiving Week Closure)
11/30/20    TBA Monday 11/30/20 TBA
12/01/20    TBA Tuesday 12/01/20 TBA
12/02/20    TBA Wednesday 12/02/20 TBA
12/03/20    TBA Thursday 12/03/20 TBA
12/04/20    TBA Friday 12/04/20 TBA
12/07/20    TBA Monday 12/07/20 TBA
12/08/20    TBA Tuesday 12/08/20 TBA
12/09/20    TBA Wednesday 12/09/20 TBA
12/10/20    TBA Thursday 12/10/20 TBA
12/11/20    TBA Friday 12/11/20 TBA
12/14/20    TBA Monday 12/14/20 TBA
12/15/20    TBA Tuesday 12/15/20 TBA
12/16/20    TBA Wednesday 12/16/20 TBA
12/17/20    TBA Thursday 12/17/20 TBA
12/18/20    TBA Friday 12/18/20 TBA
12/21/20    <None> Monday (Holiday Closure) 12/21/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/22/20    <None> Tuesday (Holiday Closure) 12/22/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/23/20    <None> Wednesday (Holiday Closure) 12/23/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/24/20    <None> Thursday (Holiday Closure) 12/24/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/25/20    <None> Friday (Holiday Closure) 12/25/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/28/20    <None> Monday (Holiday Closure) 12/28/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/29/20    <None> Tuesday (Holiday Closure) 12/29/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/30/20    <None> Wednesday (Holiday Closure) 12/30/20
(Holiday Closure)
12/31/20    <None> Thursday (Holiday Closure) 12/31/20
(Holiday Closure)
01/01/21    <None> Friday (Holiday Closure) 01/01/21
(Holiday Closure)
01/04/21    TBA Monday 01/04/21 TBA
01/05/21    TBA Tuesday 01/05/21 TBA
01/06/21    TBA Wednesday 01/06/21 TBA
01/07/21    TBA Thursday 01/07/21 TBA
01/08/21    TBA Friday 01/08/21 TBA

Voice / Piano / Guitar

Our highly qualified and personable instructors have a tremendous following and great loyalty among their students. It is suggested that those who are interested in lessons sign up in August or early September to assure getting a time slot; however, we will do what we can to accomodate your schedule. Many students are able to conveniently schedule their lessons before or after other group lessons at Applause.


For photos and biographies of our private instructors, please visit our Private Lessons Page.

Private students have their own recital in mid June. Participation is voluntary.