Curtain Call Kids

Oceana Dunsire
Applause Studio (location map)
Wednesday, 4:10 PM - 5:10 PM
07/15/20 - 08/19/20 (6 weeks)


An upbeat technical form of dance, Jazz is the style for wide smiled and high energy students. Lots of kicks, footwork, turns, leaps and big open hands, teachers of this style are full of creative ideas to perform to familiar popular songs.

Upcoming Meetings
07/15/20    4:10 PM Wednesday 07/15/20 4:10 PM
07/22/20    4:10 PM Wednesday 07/22/20 4:10 PM
07/29/20    4:10 PM Wednesday 07/29/20 4:10 PM
08/05/20    4:10 PM Wednesday 08/05/20 4:10 PM
08/12/20    4:10 PM Wednesday 08/12/20 4:10 PM
08/19/20    4:10 PM Wednesday 08/19/20 4:10 PM

Voice / Piano / Guitar

Our highly qualified and personable instructors have a tremendous following and great loyalty among their students. It is suggested that those who are interested in lessons sign up in August or early September to assure getting a time slot. Many students are able to conveniently schedule their lessons before or after other group lessons at Applause. (For photos and biographies of our private instructors, please visit our Private Instructor Bio Page.)

Private students have their own recital in mid June. Participation is voluntary.

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