Scholarship Information

Our scholarships are provided by the Youth Parent Organization (YPO).  They raise funds through fundraisers and special events to help pay for our teams costs and to provide scholarships for those with financial needs.  They will give each student $30 towards their monthly tuition.  If this is not enough of a discount, there are also work exchange opportunities which you will set up with Miss Tabitha, our Studio Director.  

In order to apply for a scholarship, you must fill out a YPO Scholarship Application and we will need a copy of proof of need.  Proof of need can be a medical card, food stamps, free lunch ticket, etc.

Please ask for the application at the front desk on the first day of classes, or stop by and pick one up during office hours.  You can register for your classes and choose the pay later option. During our temporary lobby closure, please email us at to let us know you that you are interested in applying for a scholarship and we can coordinate the application process online.