Irish Step

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Beginners start with learning the fundamental movements in light shoe dancing—one-two- three, sevens, hops, and cuts—while learning the first dances the Reel and Light Jig. While learning the first movements, Lauren teaches students the basic techniques utilized such as turn-out, carriage/posture, crossing-over, pointing, and standing on the toes (relevé). Beginners will also learn a traditional ceilí dance, the Walls of Limerick. Ceilí dances are group dances (Walls of Limerick uses four people) which incorporate footwork and steps with coordinated movement with other dancers. At the end of a year, beginner dancers will know at least two of the light shoe dances, the reel and light jig, and more advance dancers will know all four light shoe dances, the reel, light jig, single jig, and slip jig.